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Strand Yoga
Yin Yoga Position Schmetterling am Strand

Yin Yoga

YinYoga is incredibly healing – both on a physical and emotional level.

It combines the Western theory of fascia with the Eastern energy theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).


With its yin emphasis, it forms such an important counterpoint to our often very active

(and Yang-emphasized) everyday life. Yin stands for calm, stillness, receiving and letting things happen.

It brings you (again) to yourself, you feel yourself and your body and you come into contact with your feelings. It's about sensing, surrendering, accepting and letting go.


In contrast to active yoga, the asanas are held longer and the fascia tissue is damaged

to stretch and stimulate the meridians. It is not important to practice the asanas “correctly”, but rather the focus is on giving your body the greatest possible support (e.g. through aids).

to give so that your muscles can really let go.


This may seem boring at first glance, but due to the longer stay in the positions, the muscles and fascia tissue are challenged, (tension) can be felt in the body and emotional issues/blockages can pop up - and that is definitely challenging ;-).


(We don't use our body to get into a pose, we repurpose the pose

to come into our body.)



Since I am currently still training to become a YinYoga teacher, appointments will follow shortly.

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