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tanzende Frau in der Natur und Sonne

TanzDich - free meditative dancing

I invite you to dance freely and intuitively, to switch off your head, to let your body move the way it wants in this moment - no matter what that looks like,

free of any reviews. It's like a meditation in motion.


By dancing through music with different rhythms, you feel like you're surfing on a wave - which comes gently, gains strength and momentum and then slowly retreats again.


It's about connecting with yourself, feeling yourself and everything that wants to show itself. You can flow, breathe powerfully, be wild, stomp, shake and indulge in whatever movements your body can think of.

You may encounter very different feelings that you haven't been able to feel for a while or that have somehow stuck. This is completely right.

Not only do you make your body vibrate, but your entire system has the opportunity to let go of what wants to go and blockages on a physical and/or emotional level can be released.


So, let's dance :)!  

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