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Aussicht vom Vulkan Maguez Lanzarote

FühlDich - meditation

I invite you to become completely still, to listen to your inner experience and to let go of all that wanting. It's about becoming empty and simply being, about surrendering, letting things happen and accepting what is exactly in this moment. Meditation has no goal.


I share with you my individual experiences from my own meditation practice.

You won't learn any technology from me in the classic sense.

I quickly find techniques to be a hindrance because our minds then become quite active

has to check whether we are really doing everything “right”.


Don't force yourself into uncomfortable positions because you think it has to be that way.

Take care of yourself, create a quiet environment and adopt a meditation position that is comfortable for you (upright or lying down).


Are you ready?


I offer you the following meditations:

Guided meditation

Body and relaxation trips, theme trips

(e.g. inner child, self-love, individual topics on request).


Duration approx. 45 minutes.

Meditation in silence

We become quietly and completely present together, feel our bodies and expand, opening ourselves up to everything that wants to show itself.


Duration approx. 45 minutes.

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