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MalDich - intuitive painting

Intuitive painting is a wonderful way to make your inner experience visible. By giving your fingers permission to dance, stumble, drum, wipe, and more across your paper, your mind is allowed to pause and your inner child can express itself completely non-judgmentally. This is how suppressed and pent-up feelings find their expression.

Because: your soul paints with you :)


So it's not about the creation of an aesthetic work of art,

rather the opposite.


You decide what you want to paint with. I recommend finger paints and/or oil pastels and paper in A3 or larger. You can paint at a table or standing against a wall/door.


I offer you the following variants:

Paint yourself free

After a preliminary discussion in which we specify your wishes and goals, you can freely express what moves you with your colors. Emerging topics can be discussed directly. I accompany you carefully and hold the space for you. You will then have the opportunity to reflect on your experience during the conversation.


Duration approx. 1.5 hours

Paint yourself 

After a short preliminary discussion, you paint a series of pictures

(3 pictures) on different topics. You will be introduced to each topic through a short meditation and are allowed to paint from this energy. We then discuss your images and develop a possible (deeper) basic theme that connects the images with each other.


Duration : approx. 2 hours

Hände mit Fingermalfarbe
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