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I am a very intuitive person and this is exactly reflected in the way I work.

For this reason, I like to work freely and independently of concepts, I like to be inspired by them and adapt them to my style. This allows me to meet you exactly where you are. To see you, with all your wishes and needs that want to show themselves right now. My approach “Everything is allowed” therefore has enough space and this is where the “flow” begins :-)

You can use the following settings with me online (via Zoom) OR

experience on site in Lanzarote:

Individual setting

Useful if you don't (yet) dare to show yourself in a group or if you would like 1:1 support to "work through" a specific topic.

All offers are possible in individual settings and can be combined.

If you have any further questions, please send me an email!

Group setting

No previous experience is necessary.

You are invited to focus primarily on your own experience of your physical and emotional sensations.

The presence and work of other participants can develop a very valuable group dynamic for your own experience.

You can also find the offers for groups under Appointments/Booking .

I look forward to you!

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